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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hi and welcome to my new blog 'Mental Miscellany'. These blog posts will be a mishmash of interesting topics, stories and my own experiences relating to mentalism. Topics such as mnemotechnics, psychology, reading people, hypnotism and my favourite; coincidence.

Just as a little taster, I'd like you to consider the following:

When making a choice or decision, what difference would it make if you new the outcome? Quite a difference I am sure!

Now consider this, what difference would it make if someone else was making a choice and you could foretell the decision they would make?

Very often we know what choice a person will make, it is like we have a built in mind reading mechanism. We don't know how we know but we do.
This mechanism is basically our subconscious mind picking up on signals and playing out scenarios on our behalf, coming to a conclusion and delivering it to our conscious mind.

So what if you could tap into this subconscious mechanism at will, kick off the process when ever you need it.
Its possible, takes some training, concentration and patience, but it is possible
The end result would be that it would feel to you that the other person has no choice, that there can be only one outcome. Cool eh.

Another weird thing that can be done is to manipulate the subconscious decision making process. When done right the other person still feels like they have a choice but in reality they don't.

The funny thing is that by just reading this blog you have allowed me to highjack your subconscious decision making process ;-)

And I'll prove it,

In a moment, clear your mind. I'm going to ask a question. Don't think about the answer just let your mind give it to you.

Ok, Clear your mind.
Go with the first answer your brain gives you.
Name a colour
Now make note of it and in my next blog I'll tell you what colour you 'decided' to pick!

That's all for now.

In my next post I'll also discuss some of my adventures in the world of mnemonics.

Till then

Best regards